Tinnitus UK shock as charity parts company with its new CEO after just three months



Tinnitus UK

Tinnitus UK announced has announced that its new CEO Deanne Thomas, who was only appointed in late October 2022, left the charity on Wednesday, January 25.

The surprise announcement comes little over a fortnight since the well-regarded tinnitus charity changed its name from the British Tinnitus Association to the more no-nonsence Tinnitus UK. Thomas appeared to be integrating well and leading a positivity offensive as the group moved forward on its long-term challenges of supporting tinnitus sufferers, creating awareness about the condition, and helping steer research towards a cure.

Tinnitus UK      Deanne Thomas departs as CEO of Tinnitus UK after just three months


In its announcement about the sudden parting of the ways between Thomas and Tinnitus UK, the group's Chair, Lynne Gillon, stated: “Whilst Deanne has been with us for only a short period of time, it was agreed by both parties, Deanne and the Board of Trustees, that as 2023 is such a pivotal year for the charity, it was essential that the Board and the leadership were aligned on both vision and ambition.”

"The charity would like to thank Deanne for her contribution, and we wish her success in her future career," Tinnitus UK declared.

The charity's Board of Trustees is now working on plans to secure a successor. In the interim, Tinnitus UK’s Director of Fundraising and Communications, Caroline Savage, will act in the CEO position.

Source: Tinnitus UK