The Parresia Group is a leading multi-channel international B2B healthcare publisher.

We cater to healthcare professionals in France and globally, specializing in dentistry, audiology, pharmacy, biology, and nutrition through 14 magazines, websites, newsletters, and social media platforms dedicated to each field. With the broadest range of multichannel communication offerings in the market, Parresia also provides complementary communication services such as video and podcast production., the portal for scientific and practical information for dentists, orthodontists, and the dental community: covering clinical insights, training, dental practice management, and leadership., the portal of Audio Infos Germany, a specialized magazine tailored for hearing aid acousticians and all stakeholders in the German audiology sector. Providing scientific, professional, and technological news, along with interviews and articles on relevant industry topics., the portal of Audio Infos Spain, a specialized magazine aimed at audiologists, ENT specialists, speech therapists, and all professionals in the Spanish audiology and hearing sector. Providing updates on scientific, technical, and professional developments, including interviews, product innovations, and industry news., the global portal designed for leaders in the audiology industry worldwide, featuring news from around the globe and content from Audiology News UK magazine. Covering professional insights, market perspectives, product launches, conferences, research updates, and awareness initiatives., the portal of Pharma365 magazine dedicated to community pharmacists. A comprehensive toolbox designed to guide pharmacists in enhancing their pharmacy management and patient care. Pharma365 covers a wide range of topics to provide a comprehensive and insightful view of the pharmaceutical sector, focusing on essential aspects of the profession to offer thorough coverage of community pharmacy operations., the portal for scientific, technical, and practical updates for medical biologists, physicians, pharmacists, researchers, students, and all professionals in the field of medical biology. Explore scientific news, on-the-ground reports, clinical articles on laboratory management and operations, expert insights on IT, legislation, and taxation pertaining to medical biology laboratories (MBLs), as well as highlights from recent conferences. Stay updated on recent scientific literature, upcoming training sessions, and conferences., the portal for scientific and practical updates catering to nutritionists, dieticians, and all professionals in the nutrition sector. Discover scientific news, expert opinions, clinical cases, updates, recent data from scientific literature, highlights from recent conferences, and stay informed about upcoming training sessions, conferences, and events.