Demant takes Ida Institute under its wing to help "transform hearing care"

The Ida Institute, in limbo since losing its funding from the Demant Foundation in 2022, has now joined the Danish hearing giant, Demant, with which it has been associated since its founding in 2007.

Published on 15 November 2023

Demant takes Ida Institute under its wing to help “transform hearing care”

When 15 years of funding from the Demant Foundation ended, the Ida Institute – a worldwide promoter of person-centred care in hearing health – was cut adrift to explore alternative funding models. Now its search to secure sustainable capital in order to continue delivering unique innovation, training, and resources is over, and its becoming part of Demant is being seen by leaders of both organisations as a synergy with the tools to transform hearing care.

“I am truly excited about Ida joining Demant”, says Ida Institute Director, Ena Nielsen (pictured left). “This step lets us continue our work to develop and enhance delivery of person-centered care in audiology clinics around the world. Working through Demant internationally also increases our reach and ability to create awareness of all the positive effects of implementing person-centered practices.”

Søren Nielsen, President and CEO of Demant (right in picture), is equally enthusiastic, and recognises that every person receiving hearing treatment is different. “We strive every day to deliver first-class hearing technology to people who need it. But we also realize that there is more to a good fitting and successful outcome than technology,” said the Demant supremo.

“The integration of the Ida Institute will strengthen this focus and enable us to support clinics even better as they continue to deliver excellent hearing care services to people with hearing loss,” Søren Nielsen continued.

Ena Nielsen will continue to head the Ida Institute team at Demant. “We are very much looking forward to continuing our journey together with many old and new friends and collaborators who share our commitment to serving people with hearing loss,” she says.

The Ida Institute is a pioneer in developing and promoting person-centered hearing care. Based in Denmark, the Institute works with a global community of hearing care professionals, people with hearing loss, academics, and industry experts to develop person-centered counseling tools, training, and resources that help hearing care professionals and their clients .

Source: Ida Institute