BSHAA reworks its name... but keeps same initials

The UK professional association BSHAA has announced a subtle change in its name to better reflect its mission and objectives. The hitherto denominated British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists now changes those final two words of its name to and Audiology, thus keeping the same five-initial abbreviation: BSHAA.

Published on 20 September 2023

BSHAA reworks its name… but keeps same initials

Henceforward, the British Society of Hearing and Audiology adopts a change that “signifies our commitment to evolving with the field of audiology,” says new Membership Manager Joanne Brown.

The BSHAA’s new name will soon be accompanied by fresh logos and branding, visuals to “represent not only our history but also our vision for the future,” adds Brown.

Source: BSHAA