Audiology News UK 03 - Tinnitus special

Issue 03 of Audiology News UK is a TINNITUS special, reviewing the research updates from the recent Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) gathering in Dublin.

Published on 21 July 2023

Audiology News UK 03 – Tinnitus special

In addition to the update on progress to find cures for tinnitus, our UK flagship publication carries an interview with the leaders of the charity, Tinnitus UK, new CEO Caroline Savage, and communications manager, Nic Wray.

Fighting for people tortured by a condition for which there is no cure cannot be easy. It requires compassion, organisation, know-how, and resilience just to meet the support demands of your public; to then go after the funding for the Grail search calls for plenty more: personal magnetism, guile, guts, patience, and the right blend of verve and humility… and all for starters!

In this issue 03 of Audiology News UK we focus on the values and aims of the faces fronting Tinnitus UK, a charity that fights a corner on behalf of the ten percent of the population (not merely in the UK) affected by persistent tinnitus. Our interview with the charity’s new CEO (page 20) is backed up by an update on research, fresh from the 2023 Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference. Where are researchers looking for ways to relieve, manage, and cure this ghastly condition? Find out on pages 11 to 16.

Interview with EUHA managing director ahead of world’s biggest audiology conference


The annual EUHA Congress in Germany is less than three months away. Read on page 24 about how its organisers are beginning a process of greater internationalisation for this biggest world audiology gathering. The hearing industry will be there in force, as usual, but how big is that industry? Big enough to need a map, and our centre pages reproduce an updated 2023 version of the Hearing Industry Map, courtesy of Hearing Tracker.

How to optimise compression in hearing aid fittings – a balancing act


And back in the clinic, ways to optimise compression in the successful programming of modern hearing aids is part of a balancing act discussed by our regular audiologist columnist Raúl García-Medina. Such advanced practical help is available on page 28.

Some reading, then, for a relaxing and fulfilling summer. Have a great one!

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