A closer, simpler BSHAA

Robert Donnan, new President of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA), explains how his team - aided by the appointment of a Chief Visionary Officer - is prioritising structural efficiency and close engagement with members.

Published on 10 April 2023

A closer, simpler BSHAA

As a long-standing member of BSHAA, and previous Vice-President, I’m excited to begin my time as President and keen to get off to a flying start.

PW      Rob Donnan: “I’m now focusing on the profession – how we widen our appeal and maintain our relevance In this rapidly evolving economic climate.

My initial thoughts were about delivering better value for members – adding benefits and services that will help members maintain and grow successful careers and businesses. We’ve already begun to deliver in this area, but more good reasons to join will follow!

I’m now focusing on the profession – how we widen our appeal and maintain our relevance in this rapidly evolving economic climate. To achieve this takes a combined team effort – and the function of the BSHAA Board is critical.

With that in mind, and working closely with Dr. Graham Pullan, our new Chief Visionary Officer, we have already simplified the BSHAA leadership structure, with everything revolving around the Board, working as one combined unit.


Three new BSHAA Board members


The BSHAA Board has an amazing wealth of experience and personalities, all of us willing to give something back to help our profession get better. We have welcomed three new members this year: Darren Glancey, Michael Marchant, and Lynne Weatherill, all elected by our members.

In terms of longer-term objectives, I want to make sure the groundwork is in place; Graham’s focus is on delivering a complete review of all that BSHAA is, ensuring the whole of our Society is fit for purpose, looking at everything from IT systems to membership support and communications.

Courtesy of BSHAA      Graham Pullan, BSHAA Chief Visionary Officer, providing strategic focus.

At the same time, I am keen to ensure that BSHAA gets closer to its members and actually delivers the work that is needed – so we have already held regional meetings in Penrith and Bimingham and will continue to move around the country as we look to improve engagement.


Malpractice insurance for BSHAA members


In terms of objectives, our first job is to understand priorities and we are currently planning to consult with our membership about the products and services they value, the support they are looking for from BSHAA going forward and the wider BSHAA proposition.

Their input will drive our direction. In the meantime, we continue to provide services such as regular webinars, Medical Malpractice Insurance, BSHAA Branding and our CPD App, all included within our membership fee. We also continue as our industry’s only HCPC-recognised professional body.

I’m still in the early days of my presidency but I am excited and confident that the BSHAA Board’s experience, Graham’s strategic focus and my straightforward business approach fit well together and will enable BSHAA to continue its journey of modernisation in the audiology industry