Audiologist - ranked 23/29 in 2023 best US healthcare jobs list

A US ranking of health care jobs has the audiologist trailing in the heap of professionals at the bottom of the list, 23rd out of 29.

Published on 21 March 2023

Audiologist – ranked 23/29 in 2023 best US healthcare jobs list

But don’t get too distressed if you love your work as an audiologist on the basis of job satisfaction! That is one factor that is too subjective for those from media outfit U.S. News and World Report to include in their criteria for ranking best jobs in health.

Nevertheless, in its 2023 ranking of Best Health Care Jobs (29 included), the audiologist sits a lowly 23rd, meaning you only have bragging rights over the likes of the nurse midwife (24th), the radiation therapist (28th), and the podiatrist (27th). Oh yes, you also top the poor old surgeon (26th). How come?

The placings take into account a fair variety of factors, starting with identification of the jobs with the largest number and percentage of projected openings from 2021 to 2031 (data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Other factors include median salary, unemployment rate, 10-year growth volume, stress level, and work-life balance (how much a profession will affect someone’s lifestyle).

Thinking of changing to a profession at the top of the list? Start with the first-placed nurse practitioner, work down through (2) physician assistant, (3) physical therapist, and, believe it or not, (4) the traditionally stress-bombarded dentist.


Audiologist – 90th out of 100 jobs in all professions


So, as the audiologist is ranked as low as 90th in the same organ’s list of 100 Best Jobs overall (below restaurant cook and solar photovoltaic installer), if you fancy a change, that nurse practitioner looks a good bet at no.2 in the general list, which is topped by…you guessed it…the software developer.

Source: U.S. News and World Report


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