EUHA' s Digital Spring Conference goes international in 2023 - just days remaining to submit presentations!

Next year 's Digital EUHA Spring Conference will kick off on March 31 2023, and will open for the first time to international participants.

Published on 11 December 2022

EUHA’ s Digital Spring Conference goes international in 2023 – just days remaining to submit presentations!

Lectures and live chats with the speakers will be offered in digital format on the day of the event, and will then be available on demand on the EUHA’s learning platform for four weeks. Manufacturer information on new products provided by EUHA’s advertising partners completes the offer.


Call to papers. Presentations deadline extended to December 15


Presentation applications need to reach EUHA by December 15, a deadline extended from the original November 30 date.

Suggestions for presentations should slot into the following topics: Research & Science; Practical application; Marketing & Communication; Forward-looking topics. The organisers urge applicants to also offer subjects from other fields. Practical lectures – by professionals for professionals – are just as welcome as research results or details on new processes and technologies – even if the corresponding studies or results are yet to be completed. Lectures should be 30 minutes each. EUHA will record them in advance.

Submit a short abstract stating the author(s), the exact title, and the target group using this link.


Succesful EUHA Congress in Hanover, October 2022


EUHA organisers have also recently announced that lectures at the Future Friday technology day of its annual Congress – the physical, not the digital training event – will be free from now on. The 2022 Congress was a major success, as crowds returned post-pandemic, though the full international flavour of pre-pandemic Congresses still lacked elements from the Americas and Orient. The 2023 event, in Nuremberg, from October 18 to 20, promises to be a very big show. For a report on the 2022 EUHA Congress, click here.



Audiology Worldnews and Audio Infos UK recently launched a new section to bring news of training actions and events in audiology for the UK audience. Click here for more details on this special section.

Source: EUHA


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