TECH MUNCH munch munch 5: Kim Tilgaard's big quote on big data: A TOOL, NOT AN OBJECTIVE

Data gathered by hearing devices is a big issue for manufacturers and professionals, and from many angles. We include one angle in our collection of quotes from three years of Audio Infos' Technology Focus articles, authored by the British Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (BIHIMA).

Published on 27 July 2022

TECH MUNCH munch munch 5: Kim Tilgaard’s big quote on big data: A TOOL, NOT AN OBJECTIVE

Kim Tilgaard, Vice President of Discovery, Audiology, and Embedded Solutions at Demant:

“There is high potential in big data and much more benefit to be gained in the future, but ultimately this is a hearing aid and not a Fitbit or any other kind of consumer tool. While the data gives us lots of information about users today so we can create better technology, we need to remember that our products are for people who are often isolated, grandparents who can’t hear their grandchildren, and we try not to demand too much interaction, unlike some of our competitors who are requiring lots of input from users.”

Source: Audio Infos UK