NHS hearing aid sales spearhead overall quarterly soar in hearing aid sales

Following a marked fall in sales for Q2 2023, Q3 has revealed a rise in hearing aid sales data for the UK both in comparison to the previous year and the last quarter.

Published on 22 December 2023

NHS hearing aid sales spearhead overall quarterly soar in hearing aid sales

But the highlight stat of this Q3 reportis not the strong 6.5% rise in private units since Q3 2022, and 1.4% over Q2 2023, but the hike in the NHS market: volumes were up 20% over the same period in 2022 and up 29% in the last quarter.


Rechargeable hearing device sales continue rise


Rechargeable hearing instrument sales continued to edge up during Q3 in the UK, whilst in the Republic of Ireland they remained at a similar level. Despite this, ROI has experienced a 7.5% uptick across the board compared to the previous quarter.

Speaking of the increase, Paul Surridge, BIHIMA Chairman, said: “It’s very promising to see sales rising again after a surprisingly low quarter two, especially so for the NHS product numbers. We don’t usually see such a rise at this time of year, but it’s likely that the recent completion of an NHS tender and related financial awards have enabled more movement in this area of the market.”

“We’re happy to see an increase in Irish hearing market data because it adds to a promising landscape throughout the quarter,” Surridge continued. “While we did experience an unprecedented decline last quarter, overall, the year has been strong, consistent and positive. We look forward to seeing how this develops into quarter four.” said Surridge.

“Any rise in hearing instrument sales is a positive thing. Hearing instrument usage has proven links to better mental health, greater job opportunities, improved sleep and potentially lower the risk of developing dementia. The more people that prioritise hearing care – and sooner – the better,” added the BIHIMA Chairman.

Source: BIHIMA