Service excellence underpins Signia's newly opened US HQ in New Jersey

Best-in-class technology and resources for employees, but also a venue for training HCPs. This is how hearing aid brand Signia, part of WS Audiology, is keeping faith in the physical space.

Published on 08 June 2023

Service excellence underpins Signia’s newly opened US HQ in New Jersey

The rest of the world may be going virtual and remote, but Signia has invested in the time-honoured dynamic of a real somewhere, its new headquarters in Iselin, New Jersey, USA, which it has been showing off after a May inauguration.

Along with traditional office space, Signia’s new location will include two centres dedicated to improving learning and development: the Be Brilliant Education Center, which will host training sessions for Signia’s HCP partners as well as meetings and conferences for industry professionals who vist the HQ; and the Experience Center, an interactive space for Signia teams and customers to further develop their knowledge of, and relationship with, Signia. Modern interior displays throughout the Experience Center are designed to provide Signia’s HCP partners with creative inspiration for their own office and reception areas.

“The ideas, strategies and programs that will be created here will provide a new level of support to our HCP partners and the patients they serve,” said Signia President Mike O’Neil.


Sustainability and the environment


The brand has aimed at creating spaces that are as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible. The entire space is equipped with motion sensing lights to save energy, all new flooring is made from recycled materials, and the office will be plastic-free with reusable cutlery, cups, and plates provided to reduce waste.

And to coincide with the new office opening, Signia has expanded its commitment to Service Excellence for all partners by prioritising customer care, quality, service and delivery, and communication in all areas. “The opening of this new office will empower our team to better support our HCP partners than ever before. It’s a new day at Signia and I’m proud to be a part of it,” affirmed Mike O’Neil.

Source: Signia