Aston University and Specsavers focus a business and education synergy in new clinic

A new clinic opened in the School of Optometry at Aston University, Birmingham UK, is providing clinical care to students, staff and members of the public while supporting the training of Aston University audiology students.

Published on 19 December 2022

Aston University and Specsavers focus a business and education synergy in new clinic

Set up in partnership with the UK retail chain, Specsavers, the hearing clinic is opens to students, staff and NHS referrals, while supporting training of audiology students, and offering free hearing tests.

As it is set up on campus, the clinic will enable students to practise their clinical and communication skills in preparation for long term work placements off campus. And the skills lab equipment mimics equipment in the NHS, so this will help familiarise students with conditions for placements. Opening times are from 9am until 5pm every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with plans to increase to five days a week in the new year.

“So far the clinic has had a lot of interest and uptake of hearing appointments. We are delighted to be working alongside Specsavers. Many of our students undertake work placements with the company, so we are very happy we’ve been able to grow our partnership further by opening this clinic on campus,” said Claire Wilkes, Audiology programme director at Aston.

Specsavers is a key partner of the University, with graduates from both audiology and optometry going on to work for them. Last year, 62% of students who were placed in Specsavers clinics for support and training applied for jobs on graduation and got to interview. Of those interviewed, 61% are now employed by Specsavers.

Humah Zaheer, Specsavers audiology director, who runs the clinic, added: “I’m delighted to be involved in this initiative. As an Aston University audiology graduate from 2014 it feels like I’ve come full circle. Being able to offer students an insight into the ‘real’ world of audiology, as well as Specsavers, is a fantastic experience for their career development.



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Source: Aston University