TECH MUNCH 9: STARKEY'S DAVE FABRY : Fashion is a factor.

The look of a hearing aid is a key factor in making devices acceptable, Starkey's Dave Fabry told us in a November 2020 BIHIMA interview, from which we draw in this series of quotes on technology. All emerged from Audio Infos' Technology Focus articles, authored by the British Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (BIHIMA).

Published on 23 August 2022

TECH MUNCH 9: STARKEY’S DAVE FABRY : Fashion is a factor.

Dave Fabry, Chief Innovation Officer, Starkey Hearing Technologies.

“We know that only 17% of people who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid currently use one, as many find them unacceptable, too difficult to use or ineffective. We’re making hearing aids more acceptable to users, breaking down the stigma with great design, comfort, ease of use, and the most natural sound quality, individualisation instead of one size fits all, designing our hearing aids to be sleeker and more attractive to wear with the aim of looking more like fashionable consumer products.”

Source: Audio Infos UK