Sonova UK buys radio aids reseller

FM Hearing Systems, a specialist Yorkshire-based reseller of assistive listening devices and training, has announced that it has been purchased by Sonova UK Limited.

Published on 12 May 2022

Sonova UK buys radio aids reseller

Established in 2011, the business will continue to operate under the FM Hearing Systems brand, offering a range of radio aid solutions from different manufacturers, supplying radio aids, equipment, and training for those with hearing impairment in workplace, educational and social settings.

Paul Minikin, owner & Director of FM Hearing Systems, will retain full ownership of HAB Hearing Ltd as a separate entity, consisting of all hearing aid related business, online accessory sales and ear wax removal services.

“Here at FM Hearing Systems we are very passionate about radio aid systems, a technology that adds an extra layer of quality to what hearing aids alone can provide,“said Minikin.”This technology is not as widely known about or supplied in the UK as we believe it should be. Now that we have partnered with Sonova, we can take the business to the next level and continue in our mission to spread the word about ‘the best kept secret in audiology’,” he added.

Source: Sonova