Predictions for 2031: Dr. Archelle Georgiou Hearing health empowered, and aids worn by normal hearing persons



The fourth of our audiology figures to be consulted on a prediction for the 2031 hearing sphere, Starkey's Dr. Archelle Georgiou, bases her vision on four current trends.

Predictions for 2031: Dr. Archelle Georgiou Hearing health empowered, and aids worn by normal hearing persons

The shift of audiology into other health areas is mostly posited on tech developments allowing hearing devices to have so successfully mastered monitoring of our lives by 2031 that they become too useful to do without.

The role of artificial intelligence is, of course, crucial to this technology-based 2031, while some experts understandably see this tied to the eventual merging of the hearing aid and the mobile phone into one device.

Starkey's Archelle Georgiou has looked at the likely fruits of research and technology ten years from now.

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Archelle Georgiou MD, Chief Health Officer, Starkey Hearing Technologies

Hearing health has not received the attention it deserves. But, this is about to change. Two dynamics will shape the future of hearing health: 1) Research is unveiling the critical role that hearing plays in overall health and
2) Technological innovations are expanding the value of hearing aid devices beyond just amplification.

Below are four trends that predict what the future of hearing aids may look like in 2031:

  • Hearing aids will be used to prevent, delay and potentially treat cognitive decline and dementia.
  • Hearing aids will be used as a health monitoring devices. Embedded sensors and AI will enable monitoring of users’ health and safety.
  • Hearing health professionals will have data insight to patients’ overall health which will allow them to engage as a valuable member of the medical team.
  • Individuals with normal hearing will electively wear hearing aids to achieve super-normal hearing and gain a personal and professional advantage.

Source: Audiology Worldnews EUHA special 2021


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