Noah is a fast-learning, gentle sable roan cocker spaniel, notably loyal already, and described by those who are training him as a bit of a thinker.

Published on 30 January 2024


About Noah

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Here is what the people at the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity have to say about this smart, cuddly puppy:

Noah is not your average pup – he has a personality that is as quirky as it is endearing. He’s eager to please, and his playful and loving nature shines through in everything he does.

As he gets older, Noah will be the kind of loyal companion who is there for his deaf partner through thick and thin.



From his volunteer puppy trainer, Linda


“He’s a thinker, very gentle and hugely loyal.

He loves nothing more than a good cuddle. When he’s getting sleepy, he’ll put his head in my hand, and I can see his eyes growing heavy as I stroke him to sleep.

Noah also has a cheeky side to him. He has a knack for befriending socks and hiding them in the most unexpected places. He’ll suddenly bound off with a random sock that he’s found. I don’t know where he gets them all from!”

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Noah’s training progress


Noah may only be little, but he is making huge strides in his training journey to become a life-changing hearing dog. He’s doing well because he’s so observant and thoughtful – always ready to learn something new. And he learns fast!

In his time with volunteer puppy trainer, Linda, Noah has already mastered many of the basic cues like sit, down, and wait. His gentle nature and ability to think things through make him a perfect candidate for his future job as a life-changing hearing dog.

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If you would like to follow Noah’s progress, and help him on his journey to become a hearing dog, you can sponsor him by visiting the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People website.

Source: Audiology News UK issue 06 January-February 2024