Dot Miles tribute may treat London-based readers to discovery of a fantastic place

The Welsh poet, activist, and ex-alumna of the Mary Hare School, Dorothy Miles is being celebrated this December 1 in a show of laughter, poetry, storytelling, and mime at the curious Sands Films Music Room, in Rotherhithe, London.

Published on 28 November 2023

Dot Miles tribute may treat London-based readers to discovery of a fantastic place

Dancing Elephants is a tribute to Dot Miles (1931 to 1993), a legendary figure in the UK deaf community, and the show takes its name from her poem, Elephants Dancing.

Sands Films states that Dancing Elephants is “not a one-time event. It’s part of a series of performances that will take place regularly. We want to create a sustainable gathering point for visual vernacular performers, BSL poets, and deaf actors to develop and present their work regularly.”

The evening will feature deaf actor and stand-up comedian David Sands, visual vernacular performer and BSL poet Zoë McWhinney, and deaf stand-up comedian Gavin Lilley. But other performers will join in, and the stage is open to more. BSL interpreters will be present, and the show will be broadcast online.

Sands Films is both a startling cinema and theatre venue, with facilities for filming and recording. The centre offers an intriguing variety of art events. Instead of fixed price tickets, performances are supported by donations  – “we suggest £7.50 but you can change that from £0.00 to £50.00” – “Attendees have the opportunity to contribute an amount that reflects both their appreciation and their financial capacity,” says Sands Films.

Check out the time and full details of this wonderful venue (and film club) on their website:

Source: Sands Films website