Campaign launched by UK's clubs and venues to reduce hearing loss by 50% across night time industries

Listen for Life - a campaign led by the UK's Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), in partnership with Specsavers, to tackle hearing loss and the mental health challenges associated with tinnitus - was officially launched on Wednesday October 18 at a breakfast reception in the House of Commons.

Published on 18 October 2023

Campaign launched by UK’s clubs and venues to reduce hearing loss by 50% across night time industries

NTIA CEO Michael Kill announced the campaign to a crowded pavilion of guests from a variety of night entertainment industry sectors, while audiology experts presented with more details of how loud music causes hearing damage and how both the industry and audiology professionals can make the drive successful.

The NTIA, said Mr. Kill, is in the process of developing a charter for hearing health through which the organisation will request “eight key commitments” from businesses, these related to accessing hearing testing – a reevaluated and updated testing protocol – and cost-effective hearing protection supported by guidance and advice from professionals.

“There is a lot of work that needs to be done,” Kill underlined. “Our simple mantra throughout all of this has been around awareness and education, testing, and protection. Lots of people talk about hearing loss, but what were they doing about it?”

Stressing the lack of awareness of hearing loss causes and prevention that the campaign must combat, Kill announced the release from October 23 of a new initial awareness video that brings clear messages from “a huge amount of DJs and artists”.

“Our true aim is to work towards reducing hearing loss by 50% across our industry: more people being aware of the impact, more people testing, more people wearing protection,” Kill insisted.


Specsavers joins the Listen for Life Campaign


The Listen for Life Campaign has been growing partners at a steady rate over recent months, and a powerful new ally is the leading optometry and audiology retail chain, Specsavers, which sent a full team to support the campaign launch and promise commitment to the NTIA’s push for change and awareness.

The campaign will benefit from its high-profile launch in the House of Commons’ Terrace Pavilion, which was hosted by Labour MP Jeff Smith, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Night Time Economy, of which the NTIA is the secretariat.

The representative for Manchester Withington, himself a former DJ who worked two to three nights a week over twenty years in nightclubs, told an audience of close to 100 that it was important that Parliament gets to hear the voice of clubs and venues. “I think I understand the issues. I have friends who have hearing loss; I have tinnitus, so I think it’s an important and under-appreciated issue and it’s really good that we’re here to discuss this exciting campaign.”

“It’s great to see the Night Time Industries Association working with health experts to raise the profile of this,” added Smith.

Listen for Life, stressed NTIA CEO Michael Kill is a campaign that will go on for years. “We will keep pushing until we reach that goal, through individuals, through businesses, to the ultimate goal of impacting everyday people, festivalgoers who enjoy our spaces and culture across the UK,” he affirmed.

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Source: AWN Live reporting