Survey suggests two thirds of Britons have never had a routine hearing test

A survey by a top UK hearing care chain suggests that 65% of people in the UK have never gone for a routine hearing test, despite 68% having experienced symptoms that could indicate hearing difficulties.

Published on 03 March 2023

Survey suggests two thirds of Britons have never had a routine hearing test

Aiming for a maximum awareness wallop by releasing its survey results on World Hearing Day (March 3, 2023), Specsavers reveals that most respondents – 80% – would seek treatment within a few weeks or sooner for ailments such as flu-like symptoms, aches and pains, lumps or a rash. This compares to just 55% who would seek treatment in the same amount of time, when it came to their hearing.


What would it cost you to have a test?


It need not cost these people anything to have a routine hearing check. Specsavers is one of many audiology centres that offers this service free.

The survey did not aim to pinpoint why people are so casual about possible hearing conditions, but it makes for revealing reading on reasons given by respondents for not having a hearing test: four in ten (39%) thought their symptoms of hearing loss weren’t a problem they needed to worry about, a fifth (19%) thought they were overreacting, and 13% thought they were too young to experience them.

Nearly 28% were unaware that the longer they waited to get their hearing problem sorted, the worse their hearing would get. The World Health Organisation, which set up World Hearing Day, is reminding us that 60% of hearing problems can be addressed through primary care.

Despite the low result on awareness of problems worsening if left untended, the same survey nevertheless found that 81% of respondents admit they would book a hearing test sooner if they knew they could be at risk of losing their hearing.


TV GP enlisted to promote Specsavers message on hearing awareness


“It is important to get your hearing checked if you notice any changes in your hearing, regardless of your age – most of the time hearing loss happens gradually, making it harder to notice if you’re not hearing as well as you used to,” says Specsavers’ chief audiologist Gordon Harrison.

Meanwhile, GP and TV Doctor, Dr. Zoe Williams has partnered with Specsavers to remind individuals of the role primary care plays when it comes to ear health.

“The appearance of a red rash, lumps, bumps, or blurred vision are all aliments where we’d seek immediate tests and medical advice. However, people who have hearing loss don’t always seek support straight away, and unfortunately, the longer you leave hearing issues the worse they can become. Luckily, audiologists form part of this primary care setting and can address a range of hearing problems you may be experiencing quickly and easily,” Williams advises.

Source: Specsavers