Jools marks the tempo on Specsavers hearing aids campaign

Musician and TV music show presenter Jools Holland just had his hearing tested. Despite exposure to loud sound throughout his career, his hearing checks out okay. But he'd hate to have hearing loss.

Published on 24 November 2022

Jools marks the tempo on Specsavers hearing aids campaign

The thoughts and image of this popular entertainer are embellishing the Lost and Found campaign by the retail chain, Specsavers, which highlights how hearing aids can help people to retrieve the sounds they’re missing out on.

‘I know musicians who do suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss but am happy to say that I have escaped the harm that loud sounds can inflict on your long-term hearing. Hearing is such a precious sense that you really don’t want to lose it, and you can get it checked out for free, so what’s not to like about that,’ commented Holland in his role championing the campaign’s hearing protection message.

Jools is working with Specsavers Audiology, who have created a unique composition based on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Autumn Part 3: Allegra, using the most commonly reported ‘lost’ sounds, as reported by those suffering with hearing loss. These include social conversations, rainfall, birdsong, the ringing of a phone and the ticking of a clock. The aim is to highlight how everyone’s hearing is unique and these lost sounds can be found again through hearing tests and hearing aids.


Fizz, crackle, miaow…we’d miss you all


According to a survey by Specsavers, the fizz of a can of pop being opened, the scratch of a record being played, and a cat’s meow are among the sounds people with hearing loss most miss.

The research offers insight into people who struggle with hearing loss, and how not being able to hear clearly impacts their day-to-day life, with conversations in a busy café the sound they are first likely to have difficulty with.

“Specsavers offers free hearing tests throughout the UK, and we want to encourage anyone concerned about their hearing to come forward. You might be surprised at how quickly you’ll be hearing the everyday sounds you thought you’d never find again,” said Gordon Harrison, Specsavers chief audiologist.

Source: Specsavers


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