Every sound has a colour

Hearing has a whole different meaning for synaesthetes

Ann-Catherin Karg , Published on 15 May 2024

Every sound has a colour
Singer-songwriter Lady Gaga considers her song “Poker Face” to be “deep amber”, while Billie Eilish thinks “Bad Guy” is yellow and smells like cookies. And for Berlin musician, Susanne Geisler, it’s not just sounds that are associated with colors. Along with four percent of the population, the three women are synaesthetes - and therefore have far more connected brains than most other people’s. The world of Susanne Geisler is colourful, highly colourful. As soon as the Berliner reads or hears a certain number, it is always associated with a colour in her head. “For me, for example, the number one is black, twos are skin-coloured, and threes are olive green,” says the 42-year-old in an interview with Audio Infos Germany. “When the rows of tens and hundreds begin, all the others are coloured according to this first number.” So all tens have a black sheen, the twenties have a skin-colored sheen, and so on. The practical thing about it?...

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