"Most diverse" UK study yet identifies hearing loss as early sign of Parkinson's



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Hearing loss and epilepsy are early features of the progressive neurological condition Parkinson's disease, say London researchers who analysed electronic primary healthcare records from over a million people living in the capital between 1990 and 2018.


EUHA announces 2022 round of its "career springboard" Sponsorship Award for young scholars


Research talent

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Young talent in the hearing trade can scoop award money and industry attention from success in a sponsorship award scheme for outstanding theses, the 12th edition of which has been announced by its organisers, the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA).


Tinnitus drives some to suicidal thoughts, warns top UK charity calling for better research and a biobank for the condition


Tinnitus Week 2022

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A report from the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) suggests that 9.3% of people with tinnitus have experienced suicidal or self-harm thoughts in the last two years.


3D-printed human ear lab-tested by researchers in Israel



©Scharfsinn86 - iStock   In 2019, Israeli scientists announced they had created a 3-D printed heart using patient's cells

Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Sheba Medical Center have developed a way to 3D-print “scaffolding” as the basis for a replacement ear.


Search for cellular causal link between coronavirus and hearing damage heads to the morgue



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Attempts to link the novel coronavirus to hearing problems has so far led to patchy data. But an ear surgeon leading a research team at Johns Hopkins University may be cutting his way through cadavers towards plausible cellular mechanisms.


Noise-induced hearing loss study advances diagnosis and treatment possibilities


hearing damage

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The mysteries of hidden hearing loss—undetectable damage caused by exposure to loud noise—are closer to being fathomed after a study in California revealed that exposure to 100 decibels or more leads to a buildup of inner ear fluid, potentially treatable with the type of saline used for sinus disease.


Predictions for 2031: Gaby Saunders: The double boon of AI and Covid for personalisation and communication


Future of Audiology: 2031

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Ten years from 2021, the trials of the coronavirus pandemic will have left useful models for audiology in communication and patient care, foretells our twelfth soothsaying hearing specialist of the 15 AWN consulted.


"Highly reliable" scan study shows most cochlear implant recipients develop new bone formation, which adversely affects residual hearing



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Huge implications for the cochlear implant industry loom unavoidably following CT-scan confirmation by a Dutch research team of histopathologic evidence that cochlear implantation leads to new bone formation (NBF) and negatively impacts long-term hearing outcome.


Could teachers screen children for hearing loss?


hearing screening

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In resource-limited settings, “teachers can effectively identify children with hearing loss for early intervention”. This conclusion of a recently published study has drawn echoes of endorsement from a key opinion former in the audiology sphere.


Predictions for 2031: Thomas Behrens: All-sensing, emancipating devices


Future of Audiology: 2031

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Another of our 2031 predictions is a logical outflowing from years of lab work at Oticon, and this one comes from the principal shaper of the Danish brand's BrainHearing philosophy.