Take part in key tinnitus research in Manchester, UK



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Researchers at the University of Manchester have completed the first stage of a Tinnitus Biobank feasibility study. If you would like to take part in the next stage, read on.

UK charity Tinnitus UK has a long-term major goal: the setting up of a Tinnitus Biobank that would further understanding of the condition and answer many questions that, because of chronic underinvestment, so far remain unanswered.

A mobile testing van near you, if you live in Greater Manchester

Researchers at the University of Manchester have been working with volunteers to consider the questions to ask and the tests to perform to make sure the best and most useful data can be obtained. The next stage is to take this test battery and trial it in the field, using a mobile testing van that has served the University magnificently in a number of key hearing research projects.

The van stage is ongoing until October 20, 2023

If you are over 40 and live or work in Greater Manchester please find more details and sign up here to take part. This will involve you completing some at-home questionnaires and visiting the van for further testing with the research team.

The project will hopefully prove the feasibility of a Tinnitus Biobank, which can then be expanded across the country.

Source: Tinnitus UK