EUHA announces 2022 round of its "career springboard" Sponsorship Award for young scholars


Research talent

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Young talent in the hearing trade can scoop award money and industry attention from success in a sponsorship award scheme for outstanding theses, the 12th edition of which has been announced by its organisers, the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA).

The competition awards three financial prizes—€3k euros first prize, €2k for the runner-up, and €1k for third prize—but greater value from winning may come through mingling and talking with leading talent-scouting figures after the the 2022 EUHA Sponsorship Award ceremony on October 12 as part of the opening ceremony of the 66th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in Hanover. Winners must accept their awards in person, and they would want to; the EUHA Congress is the world's biggest hearing gathering and every major and rising hearing device manufacturer will have their top teams in attendance.

© EUHA        The Sponsorship Award winners will receive their prizes as the world's biggest audiology gathering kicks off this October 12 in Hanover.

A career-enhancing opportunity

A jury convened by the EUHA decides on the winning theses. The lump sum prizes go straight into the winners' respective bank accounts.

The EUHA Sponsorship Award was launched in 2010. Since that date, the people behind it have had every opportunity to monitor the progress of former winners, and testify to the help the scheme may have given to young researchers looking to launch careers. EUHA VP, Eva Keil-Becker, who is chair of the sponsorship award jury, explains: "It's great to see what has become of our former award winners. They have their feet firmly on the ground, working both in research and in practical settings. The EUHA Sponsorship Award can serve as a springboard for a career in hearing aid acoustics."


The 2022 award competition is intended for students of a university of applied sciences or university who have completed their studies within the past 24 months. For instance, diploma, bachelor's, or master's theses may be submitted. The thesis must not be protected by a confidentiality clause.


The thesis should deal with a topic concerning the rehabilitation of deficiencies affecting the auditory communication system and should exhibit potential for development. Another requirement is that the subject matter can be practically applied by members of the trade of hearing aid acousticians.

The EUHA places special emphasis on auditory applicability of the results found to humans, processes or production methods; relevance to hearing aid fitting; relevance to customer service.

Also taken into account will be whether theses are forward-looking and original.The audiological component will play an important part in the assessment. A courageous approach as well as the ability to develop and convincingly present a subject will be honoured.


Theses must be received by no later than August 31 2022.


To apply, please provide a two-page abstract consisting of proposition, method, result, and a take-home message (central statement), with a total of max. 5,000 characters (incl. spaces). An electronic copy of the thesis should be submitted to the EUHA Office, Saarstraße 52, 55122 Mainz, Germany, e-mail: The thesis must be accompanied by the author's curriculum vitae.

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Source: EUHA