Study shows association between migraine, hearing loss, and tinnitus



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An independent association exists between migraine with subjective hearing loss and tinnitus. This was the conclusion of a recent California-based study that retrospectively investigated nearly 13,000 subjects of the 1999 to 2004 US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey database.

Of a total of 12,962 subjects—2,657 with migraine, 2,344 with subjective HL, and 2,582 with tinnitus—migraineurs were found more likely to have subjective-HL and tinnitus compared to the nonmigraineurs. The odds ratio was 1.5 and 2.2  for subjective-HL and tinnitus, respectively.

The researchers concluded that their study suggests an independent association. Otologic migraine, the effects of migraine on the ear, may be partly responsible for the link between HL, tinnitus, neck pain, and migraine, they point out.

Source: Otology-Neurotology