Hearing loss as a sign of type 2 diabetes


Blood sugar and hearing loss related
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It appears that the mechanism involved could be diabetes-related damage to the blood vessels and nerves in the inner ear. This damage may cause a degree of hearing loss, providing an early sign of abnormal glucose metabolism, alongside unexplained weight loss and fatigue. Hearing loss may in fact be one of the earliest signs of abnormal blood sugar levels.

Prediabetic patients are 30% more likely to suffer from hearing loss, the report indicates. Many cases of type 2 diabetes do not present with the obvious and well-known signs of the condition: severe thirst, increased urination, and numbness in the extremities. In these cases, reduced hearing could be a characteristic sign that would help to diagnose the disorder early.

Similarly, people with diabetes should pay attention to changes in their hearing. However, there is no systematic link between hearing loss and diabetes, like the presence of a blood sugar disorder does not necessarily result in hearing loss.

There is clear evidence that diabetes causes neuropathy and nerve-related complications are common in the disorder. However, the exact mechanism whereby neuropathy or vascular damage affect hearing is still to be elucidated.

Source: The Express