New Year’s resolutions for you and your business

Have you made some New Year’s resolutions for yourself? Have you set some for your business? Mike Yates, coach who regularly contributes to Audio Infos United Kingdom, poses some questions to help you change the way you do business to ultimately increase sales and increase profit.


The new Dutch hearing system for hearing aid provision

The new Dutch system for hearing aid provision means a world's first. 'Evidence-based medicine' as a basis for the provision of hearing aids cannot yet be attained. With 'practice based evidence' the Netherlands have chosen the second best option, Wouter Dreschler assures.


Push to clear audiology waiting lists in Ireland


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In April 2011, the Irish government published a National Audiology Review Report which highlighted a lack of regulation and serious shortcomings in audiology services in Ireland.


Personal Sound Amplifier. Reading glasses for the ears?

The idea of selling hearing aids as a mass consumer item without advice from a specialist or appropriate fitting has been around for a long time. The retail brand Claratone has launched a large-scale trial in Switzerland with its so-called Personal Sound Amplifier to be sold at local post offices.


New masters in audiology at National University of Singapore


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According to a report by Channel NewsAsia, there is a growing need for locally-trained audiologists in Singapore to adequately support the island nation’s increasing hearing-impaired population.


New strategy for hearing music with cochlear implants

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Cochlear implants (CIs) of course provide a wide range of benefits to users, but listening to music has remained elusive because of the specific characteristics of musical sounds.


A new life for reconditioned hearing aids in Burlington, Canada

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Several hearing aid recycling initiatives are already in place in Canada. The Hamilton Spectator reported in October on a new program in Ontario that provides an answer to the question of what to do with hearing aids that are no longer needed, but that are still in excellent condition.


Hearing aids for people in need in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho

The landlocked mountain country of Lesotho in southern Africa is facing tremendous social and economic challenges. The main issues affecting the country are poverty, lack of education, and HIV/AIDS. The country has nearly 200,000 orphans for an overall population of just 2 million.

People with disabilities in the country of course also face major challenges in terms of education, integration and healthcare.


Universal hearing screening for newborns in Taiwan: increasing coverage


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A universal newborn hearing screening program has been advocated in Taiwan since 1998, but coverage initially remained low. Since the Taiwanese government decided to subsidize infant hearing screening fully, significantly higher coverage rates have been achieved, demonstrating the importance of third-party funding.


European Audiologist of the year: Young London audiologist wins award

Jaspreet Bahra, recently awarded UK Audiologist of the Year, has beaten off competition from fellow professionals in France, Germany/Austria, Ireland, Spain and Sweden to be named European Audiologist of the Year for 2013.