AAA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia opens on April 17

The annual conference of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) takes place in 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, opening on April 17 and running four days.

Published on 02 April 2024

AAA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia opens on April 17

This year’s Opening General Session features keynote speaker Abraham Verghese, a best-selling novelist, Stanford University professor, and renowned speaker who will deliver his talk A Doctor’s Touch, discussing how modern medicine is in danger of losing a powerful, old-fashioned tool—human touch. Dr. Verghese lives with hearing loss.

As ever, AAA 2024 also features the HearTECH Expo, a big forum for the industry to show off and explain its new product, a massive networking opportunity, and a recruiting and fund-finding space for many associations and charities.

The Conference schedule – genuinely packed with learning events – includes lectures, symposiums, workshops, a poster hall, student-led research presentations, sponsored events, social gatherings, a professional headshots studio, all the usual industry updates, and a whole lot more that you can read about on the AAA website.

To register, click here.

Source: AAA