Have you missed the Digital EUHA Spring Conference?

EUHA's Digital Spring Conference began on March 22, but its online format makes it possible for anyone interested to catch all presentations at their leisure... but only until May 31. Until that date the Digital EUHA Spring Conference is still available individually.

Published on 26 March 2024

Have you missed the Digital EUHA Spring Conference?

You will want to click here to catch up. So, what’s on the learning menu? The answer is plenty!

The EUHA offers presentations from the fields of research & science, practice, marketing & communication and future topics. The presentations are offered in the Basic or Advanced levels. This means that there is something for every level of knowledge – from trainee to master craftsman.

Manufacturer information from EUHA advertising partners on new products rounds off the offer. This means that the 30-minute format can also be used ideally if, for example, customer appointments have to be postponed at short notice. This gap can then be used for further training.

The programme includes:

  • Harald Bonsel – Loudness in hearing aid fitting – assessment and outlook
  • Dr. Juliane Dettling-Papargyris – Hearing aids without audiological services are worthless?!
  • Dr. Anke Hirschfelder – Can an improvement in the quality of supply be shown in the German Central Registry for Childhood Hearing Disorders?
  • Isabell Ballasch – Cognitive screenings for people with hearing loss
  • Ena Nielsen, Ph.D. – My Hearing Explained – describing hearing test results in person-centered ways
  • Rainer Schäfer and Florian Heyn – Speech intelligibility/hearing effort – a new start for an age-old problem
  • Dominic Schmidt, B.Sc. – In-house earmould production – 3D printing makes it a reality
  • Dr. Maren Stropahl – Holistic hearing care – how good hearing becomes well-being
  • Sven Winkler, M.Sc. – trueLOUDNESS: High potential for improvement in hearing aid fitting
  • Sven Kreher – Artificial intelligence for the ear: A revolution in hearing aid technology?
  • Dr. Florian Denk – minimising the occlusion effect using a closed coupling – passive and active approaches
  • Hans-Christian Drechsler – Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio & Auracast™ Broadcast Audio – the future of connected hearing
  • Hamid Jalilvand, Ph.D. – Is noise tolerance for an apparently normal contra-lateral ear similar to that in the affected ear in uni-lateral Menière’s disease?
  • Lucas Kiebel, B.A. – Beyond the pinna effect – contrast enhancement in the smallest of space
  • Charles Sabin – Auracast, the next generation of assistive listening from Bluetooth
  • Nils Schapdick – Target curves and fitting with (standard) REUG
  • Dr. Sergiu Scobioala – The impact of the temporal sequence of cranial radiotherapy and platin-based chemotherapy on hearing impairment in paediatric and adolescent head cancer patients: A report from the PanCareLIFE
  • Horst Warncke – DNN in motion
  • Daniel Winter – A look into the future of earmould production

Source: EUHA


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