Audiology News UK issue 02 - nightlife noise, dating for recruitment, deafening snoring, your patients' mental health,...



© Marylin Cayrac. Photos iStock: Svetazi;SeventyFour;urbazon;Evgeny Sergeev

A look at how UK nighttime industry businesses plan to combat hearing loss in their decibel-rich clubs and venues...and a comprehensive agenda of 2023/34 audiology conferences. Both are in issue 02 of Audiology News UK, about to reach subscribers.

You will also be able to read our regular columnist Raúl García-Medina reflect on the responsibilities of the audiologist in relation to patients' mental health; and while UK audiology faces a hiring crisis, find out how French practices are recruiting through, among other things, a dating game.

Snoring is another focus that breaks up more than the content in this UK magazine; can it be loud enough to break up your hearing? Many hearing loss sufferers are quick to blame their growling partners.

All this, plus a round-up of the recent AAA Conference in Seattle, research about what the Northern Lights sound like (!), and six pages of news of the profession of audiology in Audiology News UK issue 02 May-June 2023.

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