Get the lowdown on practising audiology remotely down under



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Audiology Australia has developed guidelines for hearing healthcare professionals and providers to enhance delivery of hearing services through teleaudiology.

The project was commissioned by the Australian Department of Health and overseen by the leading professional group in Oz, Audiology Australia, which ran it through a consultation and testing phase towards a launch of full guidelines and a resource stop. The new guidelines fully contextualise teleaudiology possibilities, advising on conduct and standards; client management, communication, and preparation; the technology involved; and many other key aspects.

Importantly, the guidelines detail how teleaudiology is used in specific tasks such as ear impressions, otoscopy, hearing screening, wax management, and many other assessments.

Free teleaudiology course

The guidance package can also be complemented by a useful free teleaudiology course for users registed with the Danish Ida Institute, a global promoter of person-centred hearing care.

For a comprehensive list of Australian and key English-language resources, click here.

Source: Audiology Australia