TECH MUNCH quotes on technology 1: Thomas Behrens on remote audiological care:



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We have curated a collection of quotes from the industry's science and market leaders. Drawn from interviews carried out by the British Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (BIHIMA), and published in Technology Focus articles in Audio Infos, the quotes reflect sharp insight on what the future holds, or what is already coming to pass in audiology .

Thomas Behrens, Senior Director of Oticon’s Centre for Applied Audiology Research:

"We must continue to roll out remote care and create the omnipresent clinic, one that is centred around the audiologist. In all the analysis we do, we see that great hearing care can only be delivered with an audiologist’s support. The process requires at least one face-to-face visit. After this, remote care can be implemented for the follow-on appointments.

As technology builds, audiologists can also get a much better picture of how hearing aids are used, and they can deliver better remote support as a result e.g. fine tuning the hearing aids remotely. We will learn new ways of providing better service and support in different situations. We have added more tools to help audiologists service patients.

Good audio and video connection is essential and as many clinic- based tools as possible need to be made available remotely.”

Source: Audio Infos UK