Live audiology gatherings are being scheduled: Portland, USA, and Warsaw, Poland are just two destinations



© jose1983 – iStock Portland, Oregon in autumn

Mingling in the fall in Portland, Oregon. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But who can dare to hope for a face-to-face hearing health event in 2021? The Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA), that’s who.

October 25 to 27 are the conference days of AuDacity 2021, and there is an invitation on this page to make your reservation at the Marriot Downtown Waterfront Hotel.

ADA has also issued a call for abstracts for this autumn conference. In 2020, the event eventually ended up in virtual format as AuDacity Forge Ahead and Forge Ahead Down Under, a teamed-up event with the Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) and the Independent Audiologists New Zealand (IANZ), from October 16-17.

XXXV World Congress of Audiology

One organisation that has decided to wait until 2022 before renewing its physical events is the International Society of Audiology (ISA), which last year postponed its XXXV World Congress of Audiologydue to concerns regarding COVID-19. The new date for the meeting is set for April 10-13, 2022, and it will take place in Warsaw, Poland, Presided by Professor Henry Skarżyński, and with Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński as Scientific Secretary.

EUHA in Germany

Meanwhile, the world’s biggest audiology meeting, the EUHA Congress, has been announced for the date of September 15 – 17, 2021 in Hanover, Germany, and organisers are expected to announce a call for papers shortly for this 65th Congress.

Source: ADA/ISA