Back to work, audiologist? UK joint guidance updated for pandemic alert easing.


practice under covid-19


Updated guidance for UK hearing health clinicians has been agreed and communicated by the country's professional bodies in audiology.

The latest information and advice—issued jointly by the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP), the British Academy of Audiology (BAA), the British Society of Audiology (BSA), and the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA)—covers the main changes:

  • A phased return to routine assessment – prioritising those with the greatest need;
  • An alert level table that can help inform practice if localised lockdown occurs;
  • Clarity on wax removal methods, AGPs and wet perforations;
  • Information on room ventilation;

The first guidance document for this pandemic was published on April 9. This was updated at the end of April to bring in key input from the Infection Control Society and ENT UK.

Recommending a phased return to routine work, the latest guidance, published on June 30, will be reviewed again on August 30.

Source: BSHAA