2020 EUHA Sponsorship Award opens to students without journeyman diploma



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With entry now open for one of Europe's major audiology scholarships, the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) Sponsorship Award, qualification has been broadened to accent the usefulness of student ideas.

This award, with a top prize of 3,000 euros, is aimed at students of the Academy of Hearing-Aid Acoustic, the training centre for hearing aid audiologists from all over Germany. New in the 2020 edition is that diploma, bachelor, or master theses may be submitted. Previously, the "journeyman" grade of apprenticeship was an award requirement.

The EUHA values the auditory utility of the outcomes for humans, processes or production methods, so another major requirement of the award is that the subject matter should be practically applicable by members of the profession of hearing aid acousticians. Moreover, relevance to hearing aid fitting and to customer service is required.

Eva Keil-Becker, EUHA vice president and chairwoman of the sponsorship award jury, explains: "So as to be able to present a broader range of topics, we have decided to open the sponsorship award for students who have not completed their journeyman's examination in hearing aid acoustics. It would be a pity if exceptional papers with a high relevance to our industry could not be honoured because the journeyman's diploma is missing. Of course, papers from students with a journeyman's examination are still very welcome."

Full details available here. The entry deadline is August 1, 2020.

Source: EUHA