Gitte Pugholm Aabo is new CEO of GN Hearing



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GN Hearing has appointed a new CEO. She is Gitte Pugholm Aabo, a member of he Board of Directors of GN Store Nord since 2018, and former CEO of Leo Pharma (2008-2019). The appointment follows the resignation of Jakob Gudbrand CEO for personal and family reasons.

Gitte Pugholm Aabo has joined GN Store Nord’s Executive Management together with René Svendsen-Tune, CEO of GN Audio and GN Store Nord. As part of the executive management shuffle, Svendsen-Tune has taken on the added responsibility of overseeing and facilitating the future direction for GN’s cross-company technology and applications roadmap, including AI.

“I am both proud and humble to take on the job as CEO of GN Hearing. From my time on the Board, I know that the company has a strong product portfolio and a strong global organization. GN Hearing has a long and proud history of innovation and is now standing on a very strong platform,” said Gitte Pugholm Aabo.

Meanwhile, GN Hearing Chairman Per Wold-Olsen, thanked the outgoing CIO Gudbrand for his contribution, adding: "I am delighted that Gitte Pugholm Aabo has accepted to succeed Jakob. Gitte has a proven track record of innovation, building and transforming a global business and she will be able to ensure continuation and build on the great momentum we have going in GN Hearing. Gitte has a strong mindset for customer focus, innovation and growth. With her as the CEO, GN Hearing will have a strong leader, who will further GN Hearing’s continued growth and competitiveness.”

Source: GN