New UK Hearing Conservation Association launched


To coincide with World Hearing Day on the 3rd March 2019 a new group was launched in the United Kingdom.

The UK Hearing Conservation Association (UKHCA) has been established by a group of passionate and experienced professionals from across a variety of disciplines and associations. The aim is to be a credible, independent source of information, providing practical advice and solutions to common noise and hearing problems inside and outside the workplace.

The Association’s mission is to prevent damage to our Nation’s hearing health and to reduce other noise related health conditions by promoting practical, evidence-based and cost-effective solutions. The UKHCA has been established to provide impetus for action against wholly preventable hearing health harm, both at work and across society. Experience has shown that the approach to managing work related noise is often based on outmoded ideas and there is a general lack of knowledge about or respect for our hearing and how it can be harmed.

Over 1 million workers in the UK are exposed to noise that puts them at risk of hearing damage. In addition, an increase in social and leisure noise exposure, particularly for younger generations, and an increasingly ageing working population means that more people will exhibit signs of hearing impairment in our workplaces.

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