Amplifon signs deal to help low-income hearing disabled in Spanish region of Asturias



The hearing giant, Amplifon, has teamed up with a non-profit organisation in Asturias, Spain for a one-year deal to provide access to hearing aids and treatment for the region's poor hearing-disabled.

Signed at the beginning of February between the national Iberian Amplifon Foundation and the Spanish non-profit confederation for the hearing disabled, COCEMFE, the agreement will see the latter group finding potential users among hearing disabled persons on low income, channeling their needs directly to the Amplifon Foundation.

The plan gets under way with the offer of free hearing tests for vulnerable members of society, leading in appropriate cases to subsidised hearing aid provision and full follow-up services. Annual renewal of the deal is envisaged.

One of the striking details of Amplifon's involvement is its inclusion of hearing help for immigrants to Spain. In 2018, the Foundation helped 2,460 hearing-impaired people throughout Spain, with 78 hearing aid donations, six of them to migrants. The President of the Foundation, Obdulio Herrera, underlined the urgent needs of the immigrant population, many of whom are escaping armed conflict in their native countries.

Source: La Nueva España