Ida Institute "Partners in Hearing: Learning Together"


Ida Institute Learning Hall

The Ida Institute recently held a workshop bringing together people with hearing loss, hearing care professionals, and representatives of patient organizations.

The 2-day-workshop entitled “Partners in Hearing: Learning Together” took place in Skodsborg, Denmark, and was aimed to develop new ideas and concepts that can support people with hearing loss on their hearing journey.

The workshop is part of the Ida Institute’s continuing work to develop tangible and easy-to-use tools for hearing care professionals and people with hearing loss. Organized in collaboration with Action on Hearing Loss, the Hearing Loss Association of America and The Ear Foundation, it provided a unique opportunity to gather different perspectives and bring the knowledge and expertise of various stakeholders into the development of new concepts and resources.

“We consider professionals and patients as equal partners in hearing rehabilitation. Bringing these stakeholders together is conducive to the innovation process and a way for us to ensure that the solutions we develop are relevant and can be implemented in practice,” says Lise Lotte Bundesen, Managing Director of the Ida Institute.

The workshop led to a number of concrete ideas and concepts which will be further refined in the coming months. More infos here.

Source: Ida Institute