Audio Infos LATAM #59: CI minimally-invasive surgery, awareness and much more


Cover of Audio Infos LATAM issue 59
Cover of Audio Infos LATAM issue 59.

Audio Infos No. 59 acknowledges the success of minimally-invasive surgery through microtechnology in operations performed in Chile to give patients the latest implant to hit the country: Neuro, from the Danish producer Oticon Medical, recommended for when hearing aids are not helping. The renowned Brazilian doctor, Ricardo Bento, personally assessed the medical team carrying out these implantations, a clear example of cooperation between professionals. Meanwhile, in research, Colombian otorhinolaryngologists staged an academic gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the arrival in their country of cochlear implants. It proved a major event in which national and international experts shared their studies and experiences in different areas. These included stem cell therapy as one option for replacing damaged inner ear cells, the use of mother tongues in implanted children who want to be bilingual, and brain changes related to hearing loss, among other matters.

This issue also focuses on the now-generalised use of social networks, which are growing at full tilt in the hearing community. A hearing-loss patient in Argentina set up a Facebook group - La Sordería - that has been so successful it has topped 2,800 members. Its followers are convinced of the importance of using hearing aids and implants to improve the quality of life, and this is the message the group is getting across.

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