Beltone offers relief for Hurricane Harvey victims

Belone support after hurricane harvey
© Cebolla/iStock


Chicago-based Beltone, part of the GN Hearing Care Group, announced in mid-September that they will be providing relief for the hearing-impaired community affected by Hurricane Harvey. The company intends to help in the best way it can – by supporting those who lost or damaged their hearing aids, regardless of what brand they wore.

The storm, which brought devastation to hundreds of thousands of people in the Houston and San Antonio areas of Texas, is expected to have lasting consequences. It was one of the worst storms to hit the United States in terms of destruction since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Beltone has pledged to support any person from these areas who has lost or damaged their hearing aids due to Hurricane Harvey. Beltone users will have their insurance co-pay waived to help replace their current devices, while those who did not wear Beltone products will receive support from the Beltone Foundation.

“The Beltone family is deeply saddened by the devastation brought on by Hurricane Harvey,” said Corrine Perritano, President of Beltone North America in a press release reported by Business Wire. “As we watch the aftermath of this storm unfold, we know that as a service provider company, we must do something to help those affected by this terrible natural disaster. We want to do what we can to help.”

Source: Business Wire