Triton Hearing innovates in teleaudiology


Triton Hearing teleaudiology
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New Zealand audiology chain Triton Hearing is introducing a world first with a new unique teleaudiology model aimed at reaching more people and providing easy and affordable access to professional advice about hearing.

Although it has 56 clinics across the country, Triton Hearing recognizes that seeing an audiologist can still be difficult for some people, particularly the elderly, says Triton Managing Director, James Whittaker. “With Triton Hearing Teleaudiology, the challenge of distance is eliminated. Communication technology enables remote consultations and the delivery of audiological services even if the client and audiologist are hundreds of kilometers apart,” he adds.

According to New Zealand’s Scoop Science-Tech, the system is unique worldwide because it combines multiple innovations to create a specific teleaudiology model that complies with the New Zealand Audiological Society Best Practice Guidelines and includes all the provisions for room and equipment calibrations. “That means we provide a full diagnostic assessment, hearing and communication needs assessments, impression taking, hearing aid fitting and verification, purchase and full follow-up services through a synchronous, live connection,” says Whittaker.

Practically, the system uses high-definition teleconferencing technology. “The audiologist works from in a dedicated teleconferencing room, while the client visits their local clinic with a registered ear nurse who has additional training as a Triton hearing Teleaudiology Clinical Assistant,” explains Craig Lett, Triton Hearing’s Clinical Development Manager.

Source: Scoop Science-Tech