Cochlear implants: the focus of the latest issue of Audiology Infos Brazil

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Audiology Infos Brazil

This specialist scientific and medical magazine brings together all the latest hearing sector news from South America's biggest country.

Issue 41 of Audiology Infos covers research in the cochlear implant field. Some 250,000 people worldwide have implants, and 45,000 devices are being implanted annually. The amount of operations is growing by 15% every year, and they are expected to number 100,000 per year by 2022. Such dynamism boosts the publication of numerous studies, and our Brazil issue for April-May reflects this in three key articles. The first reports on how scientific production is progressively establishing the validity of cochlear implants for patients with severe or profound unilateral deafness.

The second piece presents the solid research work of Dr. Lucas Bevilacqua Alves de Costa in reimplantations of the internal device and the upkeep of hearing abilities acquired through the initial technology.

Finally, we carry an article describing the joint project by the University of Salamanca and the producer MED-EL to develop an algorithm which can reproduce binaural hearing in patients with bilateral implants.

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Stéphane Davoine, editor in chief of Audiology Infos Brazil