Interacoustics Academy announces new series of free live webinars


Interacoustics Academy

The Interacoustics Academy, Interacoustics' technological knowledge centre specialized in audiological and vestibular training, has announced a new series of live webinars in spring 2017.

The five planned webinars cover the latest diagnostic insights and clinical trends in audiologic and vestibular technologies and their applications.

Currently available dates and topics:

March 8: Gain calculation methods in video head impulse testing (vHIT)

April 19: Rotary Chair: An introduction

May 12: P300: An introduction

May 24: cVEMP: An introduction

June 7: Advanced tests in audiometry

Academy’s own experts, including guest speaker Dr. Erich Schneider from EyeSeeTech in Munich, Germany, present the one-hour webinars. The webinars are also recorded for interested persons to view at a later stage.

Interested professionals can find more information and access the webinars at Interacoustics Academy.

The Interacoustics Academy works closely together with universities and professionals to be in line with current technological development and research. They offer high-quality online training and face-to-face training on a wide variety of audiological and vestibular topics.

Source: Interacoustics