Ida Institute releases Tinnitus Management tools for patients and hearing care professionals


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A set of three new Tinnitus Management tools from the Ida Institute aim to help both patients and hearing care professionals manage the challenge of tinnitus. Two tools, the Tinnitus Thermometer and the Tinnitus Communication Guide, are designed to help clinicians build their counseling skills and apply a holistic approach to care of patients with tinnitus. The Tinnitus First Aid Kit is an information hub, developed in partnership with the British Tinnitus Association, to empower patients to access the resources they need to understand, manage, and cope with tinnitus.

“Tinnitus can be a difficult topic for patients and hearing care professionals alike,” says Ida Institute Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. “Through our Tinnitus Management tools, we want to help clinicians convey a message of hope and compassion that will build resilience in patients suffering with tinnitus. We also seek to empower patients by giving them access to a wealth of information about what they can do to help themselves and reduce the impact of tinnitus on everyday life.”

The Tinnitus Thermometer tool employs a simple graphic to help patients “measure” or explain how they are experiencing tinnitus at the time of their appointment. The Tinnitus Communication Guide is designed to help hearing care professionals communicate effectively and compassionately about tinnitus with patients, in a way that comforts and encourages.

The Tinnitus First Aid Kit ( patients with an information hub where they can explore a wide range of resources to help them manage the impact of tinnitus on their day-to-day lives.

The Tinnitus Management tool set is based on the knowledge and experience of 15 international specialists who participated in the Ida Tinnitus Innovation Challenge, held in Skodsborg, Denmark in December 2015. The three tools were developed from the collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team representing the US, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Canada, the Ida Institute and the British Tinnitus Association.

Source: Ida Institute