MedRx Diagnostics releases its first desktop tympanometer



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Florida-based MedRx has released two new products, the Otowave 302 and 302+ Tympanometer models, the first MedRx tympanometer intended for desktop use in an office or clinical setting.

Currently available in the United States and selected countries, the Otowave 302 and 302+ allow hearing care professionals to conduct tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing. The new 302 models feature a 226 probe tone, range, programmable 500, 1k, 2k, and 4k ipsilateral and contralateral reflex functions, and a 70 to 100 dB reflex range.

In addition to the features included with the standard 302, the 302+ conducts 1000 Hz probe tones for pediatric patients and has 6 customisable patient profile buttons to ensure more efficient testing.

For more information about the new Otowave 302 or 302+ Tympanometer, contact the U.S. Office at (888)392-1234, or the MedRx International office at +49 30 70 71 46 50.

Source: MedRx