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November 30 saw the launch of a brand new hearing aid platform by the Danish manufacturer from the Demant group, Oticon: More is its name.

MORE’s solution to the needs of those with hearing loss—the majority of whom, says Oticon, spend around 30% of their time listening to complex sounds—is a chipset, Polaris, that handles a Deep Neural Network (DNN) ˝trained with 12 million sound scenes to know how to optimise all the sounds it presents to the user’s brain˝.

Vast processing power drives this on-board DNN to let users hear all ˝meaningful sounds˝. Oticon argues that all other hearing aids deal with annoying sounds and unimportant voices by filtering them out, whereas this new approach provides those sounds within a comfortable framework. Oticion claims to be the first company to use sounds recorded from real-life to train an on-board DNN.

In fact, the Oticon boast is even more specific, claiming ˝precise handling of virtually all sounds in the world˝. 

Oticon’s most intelligent chipset ever

More has a new Polaris™ chip platform purpose-built for hearing aids. It features an integrated Deep Neural Network (DNN) and, says Oticon, offers greater speed, precision and capacity than any of the the firm’s former chip hardware

In comparison to the Oticon Velox S chip platform, Polaris has 16 times more capacity to execute advanced algorithms, and twice as much computation capacity and speed.

Polaris also has new MoreSound Intelligence™ - ˝a quantum leap in sound processing, scanning the full sound scene 500 times per second and applying users’ personal listening preferences to deliver precise analysis and handling of sound. No gain reduction necessary, MoreSound Intelligence™ creates a more natural representation of all sounds, in a clear, complete and balanced sound scene.˝

And new MoreSound Amplifier™ - ˝a dynamic and balanced amplification system, seamlessly reacting to the nature of the sound scene and then adapting its resolution and speed to ensure optimised amplification and leaving conventional ‘fixed’ compression behind. MoreSound Amplifier™ makes the full sound scene audible while maintaining the fine contrast and balance between sounds.˝

“The new technologies we introduce in Oticon More ensure that the brain has access to all of the important information it needs to make sense of the full sound scene so that it can process with less effort, while ensuring the user enjoys a comfortable listening experience,” says Ole Asboe Jørgensen, President, Oticon brand, Global.

“Oticon More users will have more brain capacity to dedicate to participating in life, even in complex environments, which will help reduce the health and life problems associated with untreated hearing loss. Thanks to Oticon’s recent significant milestone in BrainHearing research uncovering what occurs inside the auditory cortex as it processes sound, we now know that two subsystems, labelled Orient hearing and Focus hearing, are continuously and simultaneously working together to deliver the full sound picture. Our research, which added to an existing back of independent research, also revealed that in order to focus optimally, the brain must first receive the full perspective of the soundscape. If a hearing aid restricts sounds, it can affect the most natural hearing process. It is time for a new perspective in hearing care, and Oticon More is the solution,” continued the brand president.

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Featuring Bluetooth LE technology, Oticon More is Made for iPhone and compatible Android devices, offering direct, high-quality streaming to both ears.

  • Oticon More can stream from any other Bluetooth device with Oticon ConnectClip.
  • Oticon More is available in a rechargeable style, with a large variation of fitting options and colors and covers levels of hearing loss ranging from mild to profound.
  • The Oticon More miniRITE R offers rechargeability providing a full day of battery life, including streaming, from a three-hour charge.
  • Oticon More is supplied with Oticon’s new miniFit OpenBass dome, which not only provides good retention and wear comfort, but also improves sound.
  • Users have access to convenient, personalised control of their hearing aids on their smartphones via the Oticon ON app
  • Hearing Care Professionals can connect with Oticon More users remotely to provide convenient online hearing aftercare with the Oticon RemoteCare app.
  • Internet connectivity gives users access to the IFTTT network to create life enhancing recipes with Smart devices, such as Alexa, doorbells, lighting and even a kettle.

The new Oticon More will be made available from mid-December. Local availability will vary. For more info click here

Source: Oticon