NewSound internationalises its remote-fit EASYHEAR App as OTC and teleaudiology solution



© NewSound

The Chinese hearing device producer NewSound has pointed to recommendations issued under the coronavirus restrictions to highlight the teleaudiology features of its recently-launched EASYHEAR App.

NewSound maintains that its EASYHEAR REMOTE CARE APP, released a year ago in China but only now being given an international launch, is ideal for audiologists' response to calls by both the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) for practices to provide patient support by phone and virtual communication.

"EASYHEAR carries out real-time data transmission from both initial unilateral hearing tests and user self-adjustment to the mid-point stage of bilateral asynchronous adjustment and synchronous adjustment between the user and the hearing expert," says NewSound.

The company boasts widespread input and support throughout its independent development of the project since 2016. It claims that Professor Xin Xi from the Advisory Board, Audiology Development Foundation of China, and specialist at the People's Liberation Army Hospital, Beijing, is currently engaged on "a clinical evaluation of the activities of 20 users with NewSound on its OTC Hearing Aid and EASYHEAR App".

NewSound lists the main benefits offered by EASYHEAR as:

  • A friendly and straightforward interface, convenient for users to complete their operations without the help of HCPs;
  • Bilateral asynchronous adjustment and synchronous adjustment between the user and the hearing specialist, and including a consultant;
  • Verified audiometry and automatic fitting functions, with 99% precision;
  • Fitting data cloud storage, security and privacy;
  • Compatible wth NewSound and the whole series of APP Control products: Primo, Poco, Ulite. Ideal for sales of OTC hearing aids.

NewSound adds that its the EASYHEAR services will soon incorporate artificial intelligence learning features.