Ponto Softband™ now pre-assembled for stable bilateral fit and best audiological outcomes

Oticon Metrics Softband
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Oticon Medical has introduced a new, pre-assembled version of the company’s popular Ponto Softband™ for bilateral users.

With two, ready-mounted connector plates for the Ponto Sound Processor, the easy-to-use bilateral Ponto Softband is designed to ensure a stable fit and best audiological outcome for users. Like the unilateral Softband, the new bilateral Softband is comfortable, flexible and easy to wear. Made from soft, skin-friendly and non-allergic material, the Softband can be adjusted to fit snugly on different head sizes, even newborn babies. The Ponto Softband gives children and adults the opportunity to try out and experience the Ponto System, with no surgery involved.

“We want to make it simple and easy for all Ponto Softband wearers to have access to the renowned, high quality Ponto sound,” explains Alan Raffauf, Vice President of Marketing, Oticon Medical. “The new bilateral Ponto Softband is pre-assembled with two metal spring couplings that keep the Ponto Sound Processor in the correct position for the best audiological outcome. An integrated soft adjustment function for each coupling ensures a secure, close fit. Each coupling also includes a safety release that opens if the Softband gets caught.”

Available in 14 colors, the Ponto Softband in unilateral and bilateral versions features a robust design that withstands the wear and tear of daily life. The Ponto SoundConnector™ for mounting on caps or other headgear is included with both unilateral and bilateral versions and can also be ordered as a single item.

For more information visit the Oticon Medical website.