Sonorlite XL2020 Phonic Band launched


Hearing Solutions UK have just launched the Sonorlite XL2020 Phonic Band, a new device that’s leading the way in the new era of ‘hearable / wearable’ hearing solutions.

The stylish XL2020 provides a total hearing and lifestyle communication system that connects seamlessly to your world via Bluetooth like no other device available. When connected via Bluetooth to the free app, it’s possible to conduct a hearing test, receive and make telephone calls or listen to music. A transmitter is also available to stream sound directly from your TV, computer or music system.

4 different sizes of rubber tips ensure the ear buds are a comfortable fit and the device is infinitely rechargeable via the USB cable and plug supplied. Great performance, simplicity, comfort and ease-of-use, particularly when manual dexterity is an issue are fundamental features of this award-winning design.

The Sonorlite Phonic Band is already attracting high praise from new users and audiologists alike.

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